Living together – 5 tips to improve the lives of condo owners

Living in a condominium building isn’t for everyone. It’s your home, but not really, you have to obey the rules and regulations, you have rights and obligations, you have to pay the condo fees and any special contributions… advantages and disadvantages, you need to understand them very well, because it’s where you live, you want to be happy.

So here are some advises that we can give you:

  1. Do some research before moving in. Besides the look, functionalities and utilities, look at possible restrictions, ask for all the details of the financials, possible future works, know what to expect.
  2. Read carefully all the documentation about rules and regulations and do not hesitate to highlight and ask the property manager to clarify each of your questions.
  3. Do some researches and educate yourself on the work to be done in condominiums. There are tons of information on the internet available for you.
  4. Attend to the Annual General Assembly or other special meetings for owners. Those meetings are hosted to inform you about the projects or the status of the condominium association.
  5. If you cannot attend to a meeting, you should receive a detailed report of the meeting topics and the results run for the election of the Board of Directors. Give up your free time and apply for the position on the Board to make a difference. Asking professional help or the opinion of a professional is always important when managing a condominium syndicate.

Let us know how we can you.

Your property, our priority!

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